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What is Paydirt?

What is Paydirt? you may ask,
Well basically Paydirt is a bag of river gravels that is gathered up from the GOLD deposit zones from GOLD bearing rivers that are laced with GOLD nuggets and flakes and then the dirt is dried out and put into bags. The great thing is that the Paydirt is unsearched so who knows what nuggets could be hiding within! Depending on the type of bag you get extra GOLD can be added. (That's our part, we have done all the hard work for you)

Your part is to grab a GOLD pan and find a creek or tub of water tip your bag of Paydirt into the pan and start processing the gravels till you get to the bottom of the pan (check out our how to GOLD pan videos)

That's when the fun and excitement will reach a feverish peak as the GOLD will start to reveal it's self from the black sands as you do the famous GOLD panners swirl! (it's easy we'll show you how to do that in the videos) Then transfer your golden haul into the glass vial provided and show it off to all your friends and family!

Paydirt is a great gift idea especially for children, Watch their face light up in awe as the GOLD starts to pop up from the bottom of the pan (it's priceless!!) It also encourages children to get up off the couch and off their phones and into the rivers and creeks in the never ending search for GOLD!!