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Glenn and Gemma

An absolute great time it's a joy to teach my kids to pan and see some colour!!! You probably won't get your money back in gold but the fun factor out weighs that. I have tried a few different sites and this by far is the best!  really enjoyed it thanks!

Alan T

I have brought 2 bags of paydirt now, and I have had a wondaful time panning the contents. I would highly recomended buying paydirt, and im looking forward to going over to have a day trip out with Brett.

Michael W

The thing that I was very surprised about was how much gold was in their I was expecting less than 0.5 grams but I got just over 1 gram

Paul M

I fully recommend the experience. Purchased a couple of bags. They arrived really well packaged in an amazing bag, with a gold pan to start panning, and a little jar to put the gold in. Easy to order, delivery arrived the next day! Kids had fun. Thanks Gold Panning.

Vicki C

My bag of paydirt arrived yesterday so I sat by the fire panning last night,loved it and probably found a couple of grams, 1 piece is big enough that it makes a noise when I shake the wee jar around, Also loved finding an old NZ shilling dated my birth year! Brilliant!!

We got two bags of paydirt,, and we were not dissapointed!!! We had gold in every pan!!! The real deal, we will do this again,, great fun too! :0))

I got 2 bags this for myself and a friend who, due to medical reasons can’t really leave her house. And well for the first time Since I have known her she had smile from ear to ear we only got like 1/2 gram between us but I haven’t re-ran the tailings yet but still well worth it and definitely worth every single cent and will be buying some again real soon. And also handy for getting my panning technique down