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1.3kg BONZA Paydirt (Bag only)


1.3kg BONZA Paydirt (Bag only)

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This Bag of Paydirt is loaded with GOLD! We have added an extra 2 grams of GOLD on top of the unsearched Paydirt! With the amount of GOLD in this bag you will have GOLD popping up everywhere in your pan! This BONZA bag of Paydirt is truly the ultimate GOLD rush experience!!

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1 x BONZA Paydirt bag

1 x Glass vial

1 x Pipette

3 reviews for 1.3kg BONZA Paydirt (Bag only)

  1. Kelvin R

    Purchased a bag of paydirt with extra two grams of gold added. Post was quick and turned up packed well. Started it the next day , was only putting in 4 to 5 tablespoons into the mini pan, all but one pan had gold in it and to top it off a nugget weighing in at 0.6 grams on its own about 30 pickers and plenty of finer gold. This
    was great. found two small flakes on second time through the material. In total weight was just over the 2 grams so very pleased and best of all done at home in my shed, warm and dry with no bugs.

    Cheers , can’t wait till my next bag

  2. Ryan Shaw (verified owner)

    really happy with my bonza pay dirt, had a lot of fun & excitement , panning it in the bathroom with my wife & kids watching for a flicker of gold, they did not need to wait long, dont know if i got 2gms because i cant weigh it, but there are a bunch of nice pieces of gold & a couple of good 5mm pickers , im guessing about half a gm each. lots of small flakes – will be back for sure.

  3. Dj douglas

    This bag was beyond great. So much gold couldn’t stop panning! Brought overseas paydirt not even a 10th of the value of this product!

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