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Golden Bay Paydirt Gift Pack!

This Gift Pack Includes a 33cm Pro Gold Pan, 4 Ounce Snuffer Bottle, Glass Vial, Golden Jewllers Loupe And Of Course A Bag Of  Golden Bay  “Lucky Strike”  Paydirt!!   


We got two bags of paydirt,, and we were not dissapointed!! We had gold in every pan!!! The real deal, we will do this again,, great fun too!

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Browse through our range of Golden Bay Paydirt, To see what bag best suits your needs, budget and what amount of GOLD that will calm your GOLD fever!!


We have a range of equipment to get you started on your GOLD panning adventure!! 


Find out where the best places are to go GOLD panning without being shot for claim jumping! 

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All of our orders will be fulfilled and shipped within 2 business day of placing the order and delivery will take 1-3 day within NZ

real gold in every bag of Paydirt

All of our bags of Golden Bay Paydirt will contain 100% real GOLD! The amount of GOLD in each bag will vary depending on what bag you buy. But one thing we are sure of is, no matter what bag you get there WILL be GOLD gleaming up at you at the bottom of your GOLD pan, provided you use the panning method correctly!

awesome experience

Finding GOLD is always fun!! But being able to do it in the comfort of your own home, with your friends and family looking over your shoulder in anticipation of seeing the Golden gleam is always better!! Learning how to GOLD pan is fun and a great skill to have and at times it can be a very rewarding hobby!!